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Returns & Refunds


Do you want to return something from your order? Please follow these steps.


We have a 30 day returns policy if you want to return one or more items on your order. You will pay for the return shipping. Pelase contact us at [email protected] or +46(0)470-60652 for further information on the return procedure. You are not required to inform us before you return an item, however informing us will speed up the process aswell as it allows us to prepare your return handling (freeze invoice).


As soon as we have recived you item(s) in its original condition and original package, we will process your refund. For payments outside of Sweden, it usually takes about 2 weeks to recive your refund.


Is something broken as soon as you unpack your package? Contact us as soon as possible and we will send a replacement product or part to you as soon as possible. are responsible for all costs associated with a claim, both freight for substitute and to bring back the defective to us.