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LampGallerian Vaxjö

Our location in Öjaby gives us the opportunity to showcase a wide range and large selection of lighting, thanks to the spacious premises on the outskirts of Växjö. It also allows us to keep reasonable prices on high quality design lights from some of the largest and most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Now this sounds very flashy and rebuke added. We understand that, but somehow it still describes what we stand for. We also understand that design is not good just because it is different, modern or weird. Good design is well thought out, functional and user friendly. Of course. But that´s our concern. All you need to do is find the lighting in your style, and let us take care of the rest.

IF you would not find something to fit your taste, we have simply failed. Too bad for you and too bad for us. The goal is of course that we should all be pleased with the results. Tha´s why we work hard so hard satisfy you as a customer even more. During the summer months we fill the entire upper floor with patio furniture to complement our current range of lighting. And in winter we will replace the outdoor furnitures with Christmas lights.

If you're feeling extra lazy one day, we want to strike a blow for our online store, which continues to grow. It is of course great that the online store is growing at a steady pace. But we still choose to see the online store and physical store to complement each other. No part may take over the focus. After all, it´s in the store we meet you as customers. The online store is mostly about fast and accurate deliveries and great customer service. At the same time the online store gives us a clearer and faster understanding of what you as a customers actually wants. This is how we get the whole picture.

Since the store opened its doors in Öjaby 1999, a lot has happened. We have gone from being a small barn with lamp sales to now being one of the largest lamp stores in Sweden. Hopefully our ego has not grown at the same rate.

Welcome in!