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How do I return a product?

As a customer, you always have 30 days to return your item. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, do not hesitate to send back your goods by following the instructions under "Exchanges and returns". You pay for the return postage.


What do I do if my goods are damaged or broken in transit?

If one or more of your goods are damaged in transit or if it´s not working properly we ask you to take a photo of the injury and mail the picture to us at [email protected] Normally, we send a replacement product as soon as possible along with a return shipping label, which is used to send back the defective product. We are responsible for all costs associated with a complaint, both freight for replacement product and to bring back the defective part.


I am looking for a specific lamp that´s not listed in your online stock, can you order it for me?

We work with most of the major suppliers in the Nordic countries and have therefore very good possibilities to order goods not included in our regular range. E-mail the provider's name and the product's article number, and we will get back as soon as we can with a vengeance and possibly price and delivery time.


What are the shipping costs?

There is always free shipping with us if your order exceeds 500 SEK. We think it´s easier that way! If your order value is lower than 500 SEK, the shipping cost depends on the Country.


I have booked Electrician and must have have the product within two days, you can guarantee it?

We always send all orders as quickly as we can, but we can unfortunatly not guarantee delivery within that short range of time. To be on the safe side, you should never book Electrician until the goods has arrived and you´ve controlled that the delivery is correct and without any apparent transport damage.


How many fixtures will I need?

As a guideline, at lower ceiling heights, or if you want a softer lighting, one can say that the use of 1st 20-35W 12V halogen or 1st 1W LEDs per square meter is good. In general lighting in normal ceiling height you can use 1st 35-50W 12V halogen or 1st 3-4W LEDs per square meter. The need may vary, for example if you have large windows, open floor plan or lighting (counter lighting, etc.). The main thing is that it will look good in the ceiling, and rather use one spot too much than too little. You can always dim down the light if it´s too strong.


Why does my halogen bulbs break all the time?

You probably have 230V halogen lamps. The reason that the lights brak is often because they become very hot, if the lights are on for a long time, it may be time to invest in a dimmer. By turning down the intensity a bit, so that the halogen bulb does not go to max, you can increase the lifespan considerably. If you do not have a dimmer, we recommend switching to LED or low power when it´s possible.


Will halogen bulbs disappear?

Halogen will not disappear in the near future. Halogen has instead become much more energy efficient in recent times. A halogen bulb that consumes 28W, is in fact equivalent to a 35W regular light bulb, that is, an energy saving of 20%. The trend will continue to a more energy-efficient technology. You do not need to worry that your lamp will become unusable. In the case of any of the usual sockets (GU10, G4, MR16, MR11, G9, E27, E14), there will in future be halogen or LED that can be used. If there is any lamp that will disappear, it is most likely the low energy bulb, thet will naturally be replaced with LED lights in time.