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Delivery Terms

All orders outside of Sweden have a delivery cost of 149kr, no matter size or sum. Orders within Sweden have free delivery on all orders over 500kr.

Delivery Time

All orders are delivered with Schenker. Deliviery Time varies dependeing on Transportation Company in your Country/Region, usually between 2-10 days. Deliveries within Sweden has a delivery time of 1-5 days. We will contact you if one or more products on your order is temporarly out of stock. You have the right to cancel your order and get full refunds wihtout any further costs.

Available in stock

The term "Available in stock" is an expression used of a product that´s usually in stock around the year. However, if a products is temporarly out of stock, we will contact you for a new delivery date. You always have the right to cancel your order in cases like this. The Stock status is not in real time.

Included Light Sources

Light Sources included in some of the original packages are included by the Supplier and are to seen as test light bulbs. Therefor, we can not guarantee the quality of these light sources. We always recommend that you complement your order with extra light sources.